Justin James Excavating LLC - Serving our communities for over 20 years
Quality work at a fair price......   I have used Justin James Excavating to do work at a development, that my company is undertaking  at the present time.  Justin started excavating when he said he would be there,  knew what to do, did it in a professional manner, not to disrupt homes that were currently lived in, kept the worksite clear and free of debris and excess equipment.  He did this all in a timely manner, and was on budget when time came for payment.  Will be using his services in the future.......
Mark E. Krystyniak
MK Rentals - Mount Pleasant, Pa. 15666
More testimonials to come...  If you have a testimonial that you would like to add to this site, please email you coments to justin@justinjamesexcavating.com
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