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Hauling Services

All types of stone including decorative.

Stone Dust

Stone dust is a by-product of stone production during the crushing process. It does have some uses. Quite often it is used to level an area, as well as walking paths, or as a pad underneath of stone pavers, or walking stones. It is also used as a filler between pavers and walking stones. This material is very fine much like sand.

1B (Pea gravel or chips)

Trench padding and drive way top. Approximately 1 inch in size

2A Stone

2A Stone

2 inch and smaller stone in fine stone dust. Used for tightly compacted roadways or fill. This material will compact very well when water is applied and compacted by a roller or tamper. Other uses include pads for retaining walls, and as an asphalt sub base. Made up using 2B stone (57's) and stone dust.

2B Stone (57's)

Used often as a driveway stone, but the uses also include pipe covering. This material lacks dust and allows water to flow through it easily and into drainage pipes. Other uses include sub base for concrete, french drains, leach fields.

#3 Rock

#3 rock is a base stone 3 inches in size. It makes for a good road base or fill. When a #2 type stone is applied over top it will create a very ridged firm road or parking lot. 

#4 Rock

#4 rock is approximately 4 inches in size. Very rigid and used as a base for fill as well as water control.


A very fine material used in construction for swimming pools, concrete, and many other uses such as playgrounds, or horse arena's.  


This service is available to local farmers as needed in the spring or summer. 

Top Soil

Available screened and raw. Top soil is an organic dirt used to grow grass, shrubbery, trees, flowers, corn, peas and carrots. It will produce whatever it is you wish to eat or mow.


This service is available to local farmers and feed mills as needed.


Mulch is either dyed or natural in color wood chips. It is used as a decorative material for landscaping purposes. It is available in many colors depending on availability. It helps retain water around plants to promote growth in your flower bed. Mulch can be chipped or shredded. Shredded mulch contains more finer material.   

River Rock

A decorative stone used in landscaping.

Saw Dust

Used by farms such as horses for bedding purposes. We have a horse safe supplier who usually has a plentiful supply.

We do recommend that in using any decorative landscaping materials that you place a weed barrier down prior to adding mulch, river rock, lava rock or whatever type of material you choose. You will thank us later!!!

Call today for current pricing and freight rates!!! 

If you leave message please include your name, return phone number, type of stone and quantity desired, and your address.

If you do not know the quantity of material that you will need we got you covered. Please provide the details of your project to us. Our estimator will need to know the length, width, and depth of the project as well as the type of material you need.    

Request for stone and sand Calculations

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Please call for Mulch or River Rock Quantities.

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